drainage & earthworks

About us

Established in 1973 L Philliskirk & Son started out with a JCB to carry out drain repairs for local farmers. Later progressing and purchasing a Mastenbroek drainage machine to enable installation of new drainage systems. With grants becoming available to farmers and landowners in the 1980’s for improving the poor saturated farmland meant the company could build on the drainage side.

Gaining knowledge in running the Mastenbroek trenching machines, road trenching machines were then bought installing utilities for main contractors and authorities across the country.

Later in the 1990’s another boom in lottery funded sports pitches allowed further investment in a Mastenbroek Sportsfield drainage machine. This enabled us to use the drainage experience gained to install drainage using more sophisticated techniques, adapted to working on fine turf. This allowed experience in the construction of new sportpitches and work in other sport sectors such as golf.

Although land drainage is still at the core of the business today, over the years we have developed the skills using more modern techniques and adapted to carrying out other associated work.  

We are now starting to see some of the earlier schemes at the end of their life and in todays climate water management has never been so important.